High Res Star Trek Voyager Desktop Backgrounds

Voyager firing torpedo

A while ago, I stumbled upon these awesome high resolution renders posted by a person (Mojo) who used to draw and render the CGI models for Star Trek Voyager, and more recently Battlestar Galactica. They make great desktop backgrounds.
I use them on my MacBook Pro and set it to change the images randomly every 5 minutes. Mac OS has a lovely smooth fade transition, which makes it a nice subtle change between images. In particular I like have a different image on my Macbook Pro monitor to my 23i LCD. It looks cool when they both change at the same time, but to different images.

The up-close Voyager images I find are particularly interesting because they show far more detail and resolution than one will see on a DVD. My favourite images are the spacedock, and the “Year of Hell” images. The detail and colour is just awesome. Images aside, make sure you have a read of Mojo’s posts too, it’s all quite interesting stuff, and gives a great insight into a part of production that we often don’t know or hear about.

Mojo has also posted a few other gems in his blog too. Here’s a few links to get you started: